ERB Cloth Neck Shields for Hard Hats

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Cloth Neck Shields for Hard Hats
A hard hat is a great product for head protection, but when working in sunny environments, you’ll also need protection for your neck. Our ERB cloth neck shields for hard hats are excellent accessories for hot weather. They can give you a fighting chance against severe heat.

The ERB cloth neck shields are particularly effective at blocking sunburn, so they make it possible to work under the bright sun for many hours at a time. If you’re wearing a cloth neck shield, you can focus on your work and stop worrying about getting burned. These shields are made of poly-cotton twill cloth, and they’re easy to loop around your hard hat’s suspension.

The metal grommets let you quickly attach the neck shield to the suspension strap. Each neck shield is designed to loosely fit the back of your beck. Since the shields don’t actually rest on your body, they don’t hinder the evaporation of sweat.

They’re even made of washable cloth, so you can wash them the same way you’d wash regular garments. If you spend a lot of time working in sunny environments and need protection from damaging UV rays, you need to consider getting some of our ERB cloth neck shields. You get protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, but you also get great air circulation, so your perspiration can evaporate and keep you cool.
  • Made from durable poly-cotton twill
  • Protects your vulnerable neck against harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Delivers great air circulation for improved cooling
  • Loops around hard hat suspension and takes only seconds to install

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Cloth Neck Shields


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