MSA V-Gard Cap Style Hard Hats with Fas-Trac Suspensions (All Colors)

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MSA V-Gard® Cap Style Hard Hats
with Fas-Trac Suspensions


The MSA V-Gard™ cap style hard hats with FAS-TRAC™ suspensions serve as reliable replacements, but they’re also great for workers who don’t already own a hard hat. MSA V-Gard™ hard hats are some of the most well-known products in the industry.

Since they’re made from a polyethylene shell, they deliver a level of impact resistance that you can trust while working in the toughest work environments. With self-adjusting head straps, you don’t even have to tinker with them to get the best fit. Although they provide superior impact resistance, head protection and comfort, our MSA V-Gard™ cap style hard hats are also lightweight, so they’re actually comfortable while worn.

Also known as a ratchet suspension, the FAS-TRAC™ suspension offers a superior fit, so workers can spend more time on important tasks and avoid wasting time trying to get the hat to fit. The polyethylene that is used for the shell is one of the strongest materials for safety equipment, so you know you’re getting a level of head protection that could save your life.

For the best fit, these hard hats have self-adjusting crown straps. If your line of work requires various accessories, the MSA V-Gard™ hard hats are ideal candidates because they have slots for accessories. You can use the accessory slots to attach important MSA accessories. These cap style hard hats are also compliant with ANSI Type 1, Class G and E standards.

We know that wearing a hard hat for an entire day can get uncomfortable, but we also believe this problem is solved with a ratchet suspension. The FAS-TRAC™ suspension on these caps is made to deliver the best fit, so you get comfort that lasts all day long.

  • Slotted design lets you attach crucial MSA accessories
  • Shell made from strong polyethylene plastic
  • FAS-TRAC™ suspension delivers optimal fit and keeps hat comfortable throughout the day
  • Meets important ANSI safety standards
  • Made in the United States
  • Several top colors to choose from
  • Complies with ANSI Z89.1, 2009, Type 1 Class E & G Standards.
  • MSA V-Gard with Fast Trac Suspensions Complies with Canada Z94.1-2005
SKU ~ gb-475358   MSA V-Guard Cap
with Fas-Trac Suspension
(Standard Size)
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