MSA Aluminum Hard Hat Adapter For Skullgard Cap Style Hard Hats

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Skullgard Aluminum Cap Style
Hard Hat Adapter (Adapter Only)

The MSA Skullgard aluminum hard hat adapter for cap style hard hats offers slightly more durability than some of our other adapters. With aluminum components, they’re ideal for rough work environments and can withstand lots of abuse. You can adjust these adapters to fit a wide variety of hard hats, and they’re also compatible with a wide range of face shields.


Hard Hat and Faceshield in pictures are not included.


This item is made exclusively for the MSA Cap Style Skullgard type of hard hats. The deluxe aluminum construction provides more durability than other types of materials. The aluminum also offers a better style than some of the alternatives. Once attached to the brim, these adapters make it easy to wear your favorite protective face shield.

It’s important to wear a protective face shield while working in dangerous environments. The face shield protects your face from UV rays, but it also prevents flying objects from striking your face. Without adequate protection for your face, you could suffer serious injuries.

The aluminum hard hat adapters for cap style helmets let you attach the protective eyewear that you need to stay safe. Every adapter is very easy to use and install. It shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds to install the adapter and begin enjoying the functionality boost that it delivers. These adapters are designed to be lightweight but can take a beating from the elements. .

  • Designed to be attached to Skullgard cap style hard hats
  • Compatible with many types of face shields
  • Made with strong aluminum components
  • Deluxe aluminum construction
  • Accommodates a variety of faceshields
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 Requirement
SKU ~ 10079072   MSA Skullgard
Aluminum Cap Style
Hard Hat Adapter


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