Headline It Active Version Sweat Liners

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Headline It
Active Version Sweat Liners
The Headline It active version sweat liners are great for hot weather. When you’re working hard and getting things done in hot environments, the heat can go to your head. Daytime construction workers are very familiar with this problem because they frequently work in the hottest outdoor temperatures. Sweat is the body’s mechanism for staying cool.

When you get hot, your body begins to sweat, and the moisture helps to dramatically reduce your body temperature. If the body wasn’t able to sweat, it would quickly overheat when outdoor temperatures rise. As your body produces sweat, you might find that it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on your work because the sweat drips down into your eyes.

Sweat can even cause problems when dripping down the side of your face or nose. Some people have genetics that cause them to sweat more than others. Regardless of how much perspiration your body produces, these sweat liners can help. They’re designed to be used with hats or helmets, and they’re very useful products for cyclists, athletes and workers.

If you frequently wear a hat outdoors and need protection from your own sweat, these liners are great products to consider. The Headline It active version sweat liners even help to reduce the growth of bacteria, so they can extend the life of your hat. Each liner uses snaps to easily attach to a hard hat suspension. They’re sold in packs of ten.
  • Uses snaps to attach to hat
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Comes with large reusable bag
  • Has patent pending
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Active Version
Sweat Liners


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