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ERB Ear Muff Holders

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Ear Muff Holders
The ERB ear muff holders are handy products. You can use these products to keep your earmuffs handy and avoid misplacing them. Each day, hundreds of pairs of earmuffs are lost or stolen. In many cases, these products are lost because a worker misplaced them.

It happens much more often than most people would think. For the best durability, these earmuff holders are made of high-quality materials. Each product is made of flexible PVC and can withstand abuse from the toughest work environments.

For easy access, these earmuff holders can be attached to a belt. Many applications require the constant use of ear muffs, and if workers don't have easy access to these products, it can be difficult to perform. Since the ERB ear muff holders let workers carry their earmuffs around, workers don't have to waste time walking back and forth.

They'll always have the earmuffs handy, so it takes seconds to pull them out and use them. If you've been looking for a convenient way to carry earmuffs, these products from ERB are great products to consider.
Features Include:
  • Can be attached to belt for easy access
  • Features loop and hook closure
  • Made of durable materials for a longer lifespan
  • Keep earmuffs handy
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Ear Muff Holders


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