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Elk River D-Ring Anchorage Eyebolt

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Elk River
Anchorage Eyebolt
The Elk River® D-Ring anchorage eyebolts are important for fall protection. These bolts are designed to secure lanyards and safety harnesses to metal beams. Many different applications could require these bolts because they involve working around metal beams.

When working above the ground, fall protection is extremely important. Fixed metal beams serve as strong anchorage points, and these bolts serve as anchors for fall protection gear. It's important to remember that your equipment is only as safe as the anchor that you've attached it to.

In other words, a low-quality anchorage bolt can put your life at risk. Since the Elk River® D-Ring anchorage eyebolts are made of high-quality material, you don't have to worry about them failing. Different types of structures require different types of anchors, and the anchorage eyebolts on this page work best for fixed metal beams.

Once they're been installed, these eyebolts will support your gear and prevent you from falling. If you're trying to avoid serious fall injuries, these D-Ring anchorage bolts could be exactly what you're looking for. Each eyebolt is designed to meet industry standards, so you can trust that it will support your gear and play well with all of your equipment.

  • Can be used with lanyards and safety harnesses
  • Designed to attach your equipment to fixed metal beams
  • Made to meet industry standards
  • Features the universal D-Ring design
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Elk River
Anchorage Eyebolt
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