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Elk River Universal Harness, Sliding 3 D-Ring

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Elk River®
Universal Harness™
3 D-Ring
Sliding D-ring at center of back
   Universal Harness (Three D-ring)  
The Elk River® Universal harnesses are made with three D-rings, so they deliver a level of support that is hard to beat. Since these are full-body harnesses, they'll wrap around and secure every part of your body. With a universal design, these harnesses can fit individuals who're between 130 and 310 pounds.

They feature a clever design that keeps workers safe while never restricting movement. It's very important for workers to be comfortable, and when you hinder movement, you significantly decrease comfort. With spring-loaded adjustment buckles located on the shoulder straps, these versatile harnesses provide a secure, comfortable fit.

The three D-rings keep workers comfortable while securing them to a stable line. Each Elk River® Universal harness has a D-ring on each side of the hip, and the third sliding D-ring is located on the back. For additional comfort, the leg straps have parachute mating buckles.

They're made of nylon and polyester material and can work well for several different applications. These full-body harnesses are particularly useful for aerial lift work, but they perform just as well for tower climbing and industrial work.
  • Designed to fit workers who're between 130 to 310 pounds
  • Offers unrestricted movement and all-day comfort
  • Leg straps have parachute mating buckles
  • Harnesses are made of tough nylon and polyester
  • Three D-rings for superior stability
  • Sliding back D-ring at center of back
  • Fits all sizes SM-XXL
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Elk River®
Universal Harness™
3 D-Ring
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