Bungee Adjustable Safety Glass Neck Cords

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Black Bungee
Adjustable Neck Cord
A neck cord makes it much easier to carry protective eyewear. It also helps to prevent your safety glasses from getting lost or stolen. We carry several different types of neck cords, so you have to find the cord that works best for your needs.

The black bungee adjustable neck cord on this page can be used for many different types of protective eyewear. Since it’s a 9A version, it’s one of the thicker types of neck cords that we carry. It is round and has a flexible weave design.

The material is 1/3 of an inch thick, so it’s durable enough to withstand the abuse from a typical work environment. Since it has a lockable adjustment ball, you can make adjustments quickly and easily. There is no reason to wear a neck cord that doesn’t fit correctly, so these black bungee neck cords have been designed to deliver a great fit.

By making adjustments with the lockable adjustment ball, you can make sure the cord fits comfortably around your neck. The ends of the cord are slightly bigger, so they can accommodate safety glasses that have large temples. Although this neck cord is only available in black, it’s one of the best colors for these types of products.

Available only in a Black color.
  • Bigger ends to accommodate safety glasses with large temples
  • 9A neck cord is thick enough for great durability
  • Adjustment ball is lockable and easy to use
  • Can be adjusted for perfect fit around the neck
Black Bungee
Adjustable Neck Cord


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