Adjustable Safety Glass Neck Cords Black with Rubber Tips

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Adjustable Neck Cords
With Rubber Tips
Protective eyewear is needed in many work environments. It’s designed to protect your eyes from flying objects and damaging particles. However, you can’t benefit from protective eyewear if you don’t have any. It’s quite common for safety glasses to become lost or stolen in a typical workplace. In some cases, workers misplace the eyewear, and other workers pick it up and start using it.

There are even some situations that involve one worker stealing another’s protective eyewear. If you want to prevent all of these problems, you can invest in an adjustable neck cord with rubber tips. The Pyramex neck cords on this page are black and can be used with most types of eyewear.

They’re particularly useful for carrying safety glasses. Since these are adjustable neck cords, you can make adjustments and enjoy a perfect fit. The round woven polyester material is very durable, so it should have no trouble standing up to the conditions in most modern worksites.

The adjustable design makes it easy to modify the amount of tension placed on your neck by the cord. The ends of the cord are designed to attach to your safety glasses and have a two-inch black rubber tip. Fortunately, the rubber tips are designed to be compatible with most types of safety glasses.
  • Keeps protective eyewear readily available
  • Black materials are discreet and durable
  • Neck tension can be adjusted for optimal fit
  • Safely transport most types of protective eyewear
Adjustable Neck Cord
With Rubber Tips


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