Black Breakaway Safety Glasses Neck Cord

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Black Breakaway
Neck Cord
If you frequently wear safety glasses, it’s important to keep them readily available. You should have a way to safely carry them when you’re not using them, but you should also be able to throw them on quickly when you need them.

The black Pyramex breakaway neck cord on this page is great for these purposes. The 8A neck cord is stretchy, elastic and relatively flat. Since it has a breakaway design in the middle portion of the strap, it’s easy to tear away.

The entire cord is about 22 inches long, and when looped around the neck, it’s about 11 inches. The cord is about ¼ of an inch thick, so it’s durable enough to withstand frequent abuse in the workplace. Since the ends are flexible, they’re compatible with most types of safety glasses.

These breakaway neck cords are only available in a black color, which is a great color for most work environments. The breakaway neck cords are very useful products because they allow you to safely carry your protective eyewear while you’re not using it. However, at the same time, they keep the eyewear readily available, so it takes only a second to put it on.
  • Features a stretchy, elastic and flat design
  • 11 inches when looped around your neck
  • Material is 1/4th of an inch thick for great durability
  • Compatible with most types of glasses
Black Breakaway
Neck Cord


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