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ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 is the latest revision (previous standard of 2009) for industrial head protection. This standard denotes industrial hard hat testing and performance requirements. Additionally, it establishes classes and types of protective safety head wear to provide employers options that offer appropriate protection from hazards in the workplace.

The 2014 Standard addresses the following:
  • Specifications for safety hard hats by TYPE (based on impact force location) and CLASS (based on electrical insulation)
  • Safety recommendations for hard hats worn in the reverse position
  • Impact occupational settings under normal temperature conditions
  • Optional pre-conditioning to lower and higher temperatures
  • Requirements for high-visibility safety head wear
  • Denotes test methods for evaluating all requirements
  • Provides user cautions and recommendations on hard hat care

Although the core performance requirements remain unchanged from the 2009 Standard, three important revisions were instituted:
  • SECTION 5: Accessories and Replacement Components:
    Already a Z87 face protection requirement, the 2009 Standard required that components or accessories installed onto hard hats must not cause the helmet to fail. The 2014 Standard provides additional language which support the premise that manufacturers of such components/accessories are responsible for proving that their products do not cause failure of the safety head wear. Additionally, they are responsible for providing justification upon request.

  • SECTION 6: Instructions and Markings:
    The 2014 Standard clarified the language to help customers understand that "useful service life" for hard hats is not required; however, manufacturers may choose to include it. The intent of the service-life guidelines is to provide users with information that certain conditions, over time, may affect a specific hard hat's continued protection.

  • SECTION 7.3.3 Higher Temperatures:
    The 2014 Standard revision provides additional protection for the needs of users who work in very hot environments. Included is information regarding optional pre-conditioning of the hard hats to withstand higher temperatures - to approximately 60 degrees C - 140 degrees F. Safety hard hats/helmets that have been pre-conditioned to withstand high temperatures are to be marked HT. The update allows for inclusion of current and emerging best manufacturing materials available for high temperature protection. CAVEAT: The Standard does not address pre-conditioning that could be necessary for temperature and radiant heat extremes. Employers and employees should always check with the manufacturer for specific usage of any hard hat/helmet to ensure that proper head protection for specific situations is provided.

ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 - 2014 does not require users to discontinue using products considered and labeled as compliant with the 2009 Standard. This being said, if the specific occupation requires compliance with the new optional certifications such as pre-conditioning for higher temperatures, the older products will not be marked HT and may not be compliant or suitable. Employers should check with OSHA for specific requirements if in doubt.

Safety for the workers must always hold the highest priority. Proper head protection is crucial for providing protection from low-hanging objects, falling debris, and electrical hazards. Therefore, a Standard-compliant, properly marked hard hat should be worn in all situations where head protection hazards exist. There is no substitute for safety!

A copy of ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 can be purchased from International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). Also, see for further details.
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