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Omega Glo Mega FAQ's
Q:  What causes the Glo-Mega to glow?
A:  The glow (commonly referred to as Glow-in-the-Dark) is caused by photoluminescence. The materials are not at all like glow-in-the-dark materials of years ago. They charge rapidly and glow much brighter and longer than previous items that you might have had as a child.

Q:  How brightly does the Glo-Mega glow?
A:  In intermediate levels of lighting, the Glo-Mega becomes a greenish color as the glow competes with the light from its surroundings. In dark conditions, the Glo-Mega's glow has been measured at 1220 mcd/m2 immediately after charging and was still 45 times as bright as required by ASTM 2073 for emergency signage after ten minutes.

Q:  How long does it take to charge the Glo-Mega Hard Hat?
A:  Charging for 10 to 20 minutes in bright sunlight is sufficient to produce a strong-lasting glow. Thirty minutes in bright fluorescent light would also be sufficient. Even charging twenty minutes near a 40W light bulb will produce a significant glow.

Q:  How long does the glow last?
A:  The glow can be seen for several days or even weeks after a suitable charge. The following table shows the brightness measured in a test at various intervals after a charge.

Time in Dark   Luminance
10 minutes   908
30 minutes   342
1 Hour   189
2 Hours   119
4 Hours   67
8 Hours   32
16 Hours   18
24 Hours   13