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Hard Hats

Do you need to keep your hard hat clean? Does this thought ever cross your mind?

Well, here is the scoop!

Cleaning your hard hat and suspensions: 
The hard hats will look better and give the wearer a chance to inspect the hat while cleaning to make sure it remains in good condition. Coated with dirt or mud, hair-line cracks or other damage may go unnoticed and could result in a hard-hat failure and possible injury.

Hard hats without or with logos may be cleaned with simple soap and water or by using a damp cloth. Plastic suspensions can be cleaned in the same manner, however, most modern suspensions come with a sweatband in the front or back of the hard hat. Sweatbands can be gently washed by hand but eventually will need to be replaced as they probably won't last as long as the hard hat. A variety of universal brow pads are available at economical prices.


  • Replace your hard hat when
    • Cracks appear in the shell
    • Shell becomes brittle
    • Shiny surface appears dull or chalky
  • Replace your suspension when
    • Suspensions become brittle
    • The suspension no longer holds securely to the head
    • One or more of the mounts break off
    • Cradling straps break or become worn

The individual worker should inspect the hard hat before and after each use and clean as needed, replacing suspensions and sweatbands when necessary. Your head is too precious to take chances – there is no substitute for safety!

Although there is no set service life regulations for hard hats, manufacturers recommend replacement after no more than five years.

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