Pyramex Cap Style Graphite Design Hard Hats

All Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Graphite Design Hard Hats

Welcome to the Pyramex Ridgeline™ hard hat page. The Pyramex Ridgeline™ Graphite Design cap style hard hats are very useful for daytime hours. When sunlight hits the surface, part of the light reflects and increases the wearer's visibility. If you decide to purchase these hats you will get all of the quality features that you have learned to expect from Pyramex.

The Ridgeline hard hats meet all ANSI Z89.1-2014 standards and the cap style can be worn in reverse and still be in compliance. This brand offers a 4 point ratchet suspension and offer a very good hard hat for the price.  In addition to the popular Ridgeline™ Graphite Design hats we also carry a wide selection of other Pyramex hard hat brands.