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Heat Relief Safety Products

This page is devoted to our hot weather seasonal safety products. We are offering all sorts of Miracool heat relief safety supplies; as well, as many different styles of hard hat shades, neck shades, cooling vests, and many other hot weather safety supplies.

We also have a special page dedicated to Powdered Gatorade that ties in nicely with this category. Take a look and remember to stay cool on hot sunny days

Polarized Safety Eyewear - Knock the glare.
Major League Baseball Hard Hats
Texas America Safety Company has a great assortment of High Visibility Safety Products. Being visible is one of the most important aspects of personal safety.

Spring, summer and hot environment comfort products

Occunomix MiraCool PVA Hard Hat Shade

Check out the new Occunomix PVA Cooling Hard Hat Shade. This shade was made to attach inside the suspension of your existing hard hat.

Occunomix MiraCool PVA Neck Cooling Wrap

MiraCool PVA material that absorbs cold water, and offers cooling relief throughout the day. This material can be washed and re-used as needed. In addition each hard hat pad comes with a zipper plastic bag.

Occunomix MiraCool PVA Hard Hat Shade

The sweatband will snap into your existing hard hat and harness and should fit all designs. The 100% PVA material is super absorbent and offers cool relief all day long.

Occunomix PVA Cooling Neck Shade

Once activated with cool water the hard hat neck shade will offer all day cooling relief; as well as, UV shade protection for your neck.

MSA Advance® Vented Hard Hats

The MSA Vented Hard hats have vents in the top peak to offer more air circulation. If you are going to wear a hard hat on a very hot day, this is helmet for you.
Meets ANSI Class C standards

Occonomix MiraCool® Bandannas

The Miracool bandannas can be soaked in cool water and provide heat relief all day. Can be worn under a hard hat, around the neck, and more

Occunomix MiraCool® Hard Hat Pads

The Miracool Cooling hard hat pads offer all day cooling. Can be placed in the suspensions of a hard hat and will provide cool relief all day long. Comes in 3 different styles

Terry Topper Hard Hat Sweatbands

Introducing the Terry Toppers® Hard Hat Sweatband. This is a convenience sweatband that should attach to most suspensions. Helps to absorb moisture and keep sweat out of your eyes.

Terry Topper Hard Hat Sweatbands

This Terry Topper sweatband has a Velcro attachment to adjust to everyone's head size.

Occunomix® Snap On Sweatbands

This is a soft and absorbent hard hat sweatband that attaches to most hard hats with plastic snaps. This replacement hard hat sweatband is one of the most economical choices.

Headline It Sweat Liners

This liner can be used with hard hats, baseball caps, military helmets, and more.
These sweat liners will work in hot environments and pulls perspiration away from the skin and out of your eyes.

Deluxe Drybrow CLIP ON Sweatbands

The Drybrow clip on sweatband attach to the suspension of your existing hard hat and offers both heat relief, and keeps sweat out of a persons eyes.

Cellulose Sweatbands

This version of the sweatband has an elastic band in the back to secure firmly to a persons head. Works great for outdoor work and sporting activities

MSA Hard Hat Sun Shields

The MSA Hard Hat sunshade fits only MSA V-gard hard hats.
The sunshade provides coverage all the way around the hard hat to protect from damaging UV rays.

ERB Omega II Sun Shields

This is the hard hat shade that fits the ERB style of hard hats. ®

OccuNomix Hardhat Shades

The Occonomix fabric hard hat shade fits most cap style hard hats. The flexible cover blocks sun and most UV rays and provides shade on a hot summer day.

STOW-AWAY Hardhat Shades

The item easily folds away into a convenient 6 inch circular pouch when not attached to the hard hat. Helps to offer heat relief; as well as, convenience

ERB Boonie Sun Shade Hats

This hat provides both high visibility and blocks harmful UV rays. Has a cool mesh design that fits most adults

ERB Hi Viz Mesh Ball Cap

The ERB high visibility ball cap has reflective stripes and a mesh back material. Stay cool and visible this summer

ERB Hi viz Mesh Neck Sun Shields

Ultra-light weight 100% polyester mesh neck shield fits most hard hats with an elastic band. Helps provide relief from the sun's rays and also provide greater visibility

Cloth Neck Sun Shields

This cotton neck shield attaches to the harness of a persons hard hat and hangs freely to protect from sun and heat.

Occunomix Hard Hat Neck Shade

The Occunomix Hard Hat Neck Shade blocks sun and most UV rays. The shade at back of neck facilitates perspiration evaporation to keep workers cool.

Mechanix Vented Glove

The Mechanix® vent gloves have a perforated synthetic leather palm construction that is ideal for comfort and durability. The fully ventilated construction keeps hands cool and the breathable air-mesh back offers optimum flexibility

Breathable Polypropylene Coveralls

Polypropylene coveralls are the lightest weight and most breathable coverall we carry in stock. They are used for lightweight, non-hazardous, or dirty work environments

Posiwear 3 Breathable Coveralls

POSI-WEAR3 is one of the best types of suits for warmer climates and conditions. The SMS three ply material provides far greater breathability than Tyvek® or any coated disposable coverall.

Posiwear Breathable Advantage Suits

POSIWEARBA offers greater protection in a breathable material. These coveralls can be used for non-hazardous dry particulates, light sprays and liquid splash. It is durable, breathable, and cooler than most other chemical suits

Mesh Safety Vests with Reflective Stripes

These reflective mesh safety vests offer great comfort and wearability on a hot summer day.
We carry many different colors and reflective stripe designs on this page.

MiraCool Cooling Vests

The MiraCool
vests come with water activated MiraCool crystals that become activated once soaked in cold water, and then will stay cool for the rest of the day. Comes in 2 colors. One size fit's most

Miracool® Orange Cooling Vest with Reflective Stripes

Miracool cooling vests can be soaked for 30 minutes in cool water and then provide heat relief all day long. This version comes with reflective stripes for added visibility

Occunomix ANSI Class II Cooling Vests

The Occonomix Class II cooling vests offers both heat protection; as well as, ANSI Class II visibility. Has one inside pocket and comes in 4 different sizes.

MiraCool® Value Nylon Cooling Vest

The Miracool Nylon Cooling vests can be worn over clothing and offer all day cooling relief. The cooling vest comes with an adjustable mid section & shoulders to fit most people

MiraCool® Premium Phase FR Cool Vest

This item is the Premium FR Cooling vest. This vest offers top of the line cooling protection for extreme heat. The Cooling vests are FR and also come with reflective stripes. One size fits most.

Heat Related Illness Safety Poster

This poster offers heat related safety tips. Can be added in the break room or in other areas where workers are subject to frequent high temperatures

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