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Back Support Safety Belts

Texas America Safety Company carries a wide range of industrial back supports on this page. The primary purpose of the back support is to offer additional support to help prevent back injuries. Back belts are popular for a number of occupations including delivery people, warehouse workers, baggage handlers, truck drivers, construction workers, and more. We ship a wide assortment of different sizes and designs below.

Also, it is important to use proper lifting techniques when handling large and heavy packages. The back support belts offer resistance if you try to pick up something the wrong way. This mental cue helps to keep your spine straight and prevent injuries. Back belts are an important part of your every day safety gear; however, they are not designed to fortify a person to lift something well beyond their capacity. So, another important factory of back safety is to know when to ask for the help. Be smart and be safe.

Allegro All Fit Back Support

High performance 9 1/2" wide belt design offers full support and fit for most wearers from small to large. Comfortable neoprene pad fits center of back over spine.

Allegro Spanbak®

Spanbak back support belts features a two-part closing design in breathable spandex backed with rubber grip webbing to help prevent ride-up. Plastic-coated carbon steel stays provide support and strength.


Flexbak helps reduce back stress and strain with a design so unique it's patented. Its three-part support is the key to a system that provides maximum back support with ease of movement.

Allegro Maxbak®

Maximum support in a weightlifting-style belt. A five-inch back and four-inch front panel deliver effective support.

Allegro Liftbak

A rugged 5" belt with rigid foam that forms to the body for maximum support. Buckle and locking closure holds securely yet allows easy adjustment.

Allegro Bodybelt

The Bodybelt offers a serious nine-inch wide back support with two-part closure.

Allegro Economy Hi-Vis

Offers the added safety of high-visibility lime suspenders and side elastic pulls.

OK Standard Back Support Belts

This premium model belt features strong power-knit nylon and elastic construction, is designed for people who lift average weight loads or are involved in repetitive motion at work.

OK Universal Back Support Belts

Designed for moderate requirements, this Universal Back Support belt will fit waist sizes ranging from 26 inches to 48 inches.

OK Heavy Lifting Belts

OK-1's patented Model SS is the industry's premier heavy lifting belt. Designed specifically for heavy load lifting, the belts' inner core includes a built-in lumbar pad that provides support to the lower lumbar region of the spine

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