Allegro Economy Hi-Vis Back Braces (All Sizes)

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allegro-logl.jpg Allegro®
Economy Hi-Vis
Back Braces
The Allegro® Economy Hi-Vis back braces are very similar to our back supports, but they're slightly different. They're available in four different sizes and can be worn for applications that require more visibility. With bright fluorescent green suspenders, these products are easy to see from a distance, so they help to keep workers visible and safe.

With side elastic pulls, they're comfortable to wear, and the suspenders are also designed for comfort. Many jobs require workers to lift heavy objects, and without proper back support, it's easy to strain the back. All of our back braces help to prevent back strain because they keep the back level, which prevents it from getting strained.

The back braces on this page are almost identical to our other back supports, but since they have lime suspenders, they offer much better visibility. There are many applications that require back protection and better visibility, and these products deliver on both requirements.

Although they have a simple design, they're very effective at protecting the back. If you're looking for products that offer back protection and better visibility, the Allegro® Economy Hi-Vis back braces are some of our top products.

Economy Hi-Vis Sizes
Small 33" to 36"
Medium 37" to 40"
Large 41" to 44"
X large 45" to 48"
   Measured by Chest Size   
Features Include:
  • Lime suspenders for enhanced visibility
  • Four different sizes to choose from
  • Side elastic pulls
  • Simple design and easy to put on or remove
SKU ~ AL-7178
Economy Hi-Vis
Back Braces
(All Sizes)
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