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Smith and Wesson 30.06 Dual Reader Safety Glasses w/ 1.5 Clear Lens

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The Smith and Wesson 30.06 Dual Reader™ glasses on this page feature Black Frame, Amber Lens and have a 1.5 magnification level. The amber lens "illuminates" the environment in low-light indoor lighting conditions. Ideal for all Quality Control inspections...  Since they’re occupational readers, they’re ideal for individuals who work upside down or above their heads. They’re also great for people who must look up or down for near vision. The functional design makes these glasses particularly useful for mechanics, painters, tool operators, plumbers, construction workers and dentists.

They’re very effective for preventing eye and neck strain, and many workers wear them to avoid headaches. The clear lenses provide 99.9 percent UV protection, and they’re designed to meet ANSI Z87.1+ impact standards.

However, it’s not recommended to use these glasses while moving, walking or driving. These 30.06 dual reader glasses provide a magnification level of 1.5, so they’re great for situations that call for such magnification.

Since the clear lens doesn’t have tint, it lets you see your surrounding environment clearly, so you can avoid serious accidents and enjoy better safety. The clear lens also provides true color perception, which means you’re able to see colors represented as they truly are and don’t have to worry about distortion. (Old part number: OL3006CDS1.5i)

  • Great for people who work upside down or must look up or down for near vision
  • Can prevent neck strain, eye strain and headaches
  • Ideal for construction workers, mechanics, plumbers and electricians
  • Avoid using while driving or walking
  • Protects against UV rays and impacts
  • Help prevent neck and eye strain and headaches
  • ANSI Z87.1+ Impact Resistant ~ 99.9% UV Protection
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Smith Wesson 30.06 DUAL READER
Black Frame ~ Amber Lens
1.5 power


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