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Smith and Wesson 30.06 Reading Safety Glasses w/ 1.5 Amber Lens

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The Olympic Optical 30.06 reading glasses on this page are like our other Olympic Optical products, but there are some slight differences. The products on this page come with a Black Frame and feature Amber Lenses.   For easier reading, they have a magnification power of 1.5.

With an ergonomic and stylish frame, these glasses look as good as they function. The GS7 nylon frame is designed for comfort, and the 7 base polycarbonate lenses deliver the best style and protection for your face.

They feature a soft rubber nose pad, and for maximum comfort, the pad has self-adjusting fingers. If you’re looking for one of the toughest pairs of reading glasses that we carry, the Olympic Optical 30.06™ reading glasses won’t disappoint you. They’re designed for high-velocity industrial protection standards and exceed ANSI Z87.1-2015 regulations.

They can provide ultraviolet protection that is good up to 400 nanometers. The Olympic Optical reading glasses are available with different frames colors, lens tints and diopter strengths, but the products on this page have a diopter strength of 2.0, Black Frame and Amber Lenses. (Old part number: OL3006Y-150i)

  • Nose pad made of soft rubber and has self-adjusting fingers
  • GS7 nylon frame is designed for comfort and style
  • 7 base polycarbonate lens is durable and functional
  • Ultraviolet protection up to 400 nanometers
  • Lenses are precisely placed to prevent eyestrain, headaches and accidents
  • Stylish ergonomic GS7 nylon frame combines with sleek 7 base polycarbonate lenses for the ultimate in protection and style
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 2003 High Velocity Industrial Protection Standards
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Olympic Optical 30.06 Reading Glasses
Black Frame and Amber Lenses
1.5 Power
The Magnification lenses are a bifocal design with the magnification built into the bottom of the lens. The entire lens is not a magnifier.


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