Uvex Replacement Tissues (500 Count)

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Uvex 500 Count
Replacement Tissues
To get the maximum benefits from protective eyewear, you must make sure it’s clean. Safety glasses aren’t nearly as useful when they have dirty lenses. Fortunately, it’s very easy to clean the lenses, but you need to use the right material.

Many workers make the mistake of cleaning a lens with an abrasive towel or similar material. Since there are products that are made specifically to clean lenses, it’s best to use these products. The UVEX™ replacement tissues on this page are great examples. Each box contains 500 tissues, so you’ll have enough tissues to last awhile.

If you need to clean dirty eyewear lenses, these UVEX™ tissues can handle the job. Since these tissues aren’t abrasive, you don’t have to worry about accidently damaging your delicate lenses. The problem with regular towels is that they’re not designed to clean lenses, so they tend to be rough and abrasive.

To make protective eyewear lenses last as long as possible, it’s important to use tissues that are specifically designed for lens cleaning. Each box contains 500 tissues, which are contained inside of a convenient dispenser. You can directly remove tissues from the box or load the pack into a UVEX™ lens cleaning station.
  • Each box contains 500 tissues
  • Box can be used directly or loaded into UVEX™ cleaning station
  • Tissues are non-abrasive and specifically designed for cleaning lenses
  • Allows you to quickly clean dirty eyewear
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Uvex Replacement
Tissues (500 Count)


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