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Utility Guard Black Color

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Glove Guards keep em handy!
Utility Glove Guard Clips
Black Color
The utility Glove Guard clips on this page are similar to some of our other products, but they feature a design that is a bit different. We carry these clips in several different colors, so you can choose from orange, red, yellow, green, black and more.

Our Glove Guard utility clips are different because they have a hook that is specifically designed to fit onto pants or belts. They're very easy to slide on and can hang down when you're not using them. The other end of the clip is very strong and will keep your gloves close and accessible.

Since these clips allow you to keep your safety gloves close to your body, you're much more likely to use them. One of the benefits of keeping your gloves nearby is time savings. These clips eliminate the need to stop what you're doing and find your gloves. The clips are designed with dielectric properties, so they're great for workers who're frequently exposed to electrical hazards.

The construction, maintenance and automotive industries are some of the best industries for these clips to be used in. We carry the Glove Guard utility clips in several different colors, and for exceptional quality, every clip is made in the USA.
  • Choose from a wide assortment of colors
  • Great for automotive and construction industries
  • Dielectric properties protect against electrical hazards
  • Stop wasting time looking for your work gloves
  • Can be attached to pants or belt loop
SKU ~ 7000GG-BK
Utility Glove Guard Clips
Black Color


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