Top Dispensing Exam Glove Rack, TALL, Holds 1 Box

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Top Dispensing
Exam Glove Rack
Holds 1 Box
Our exam glove racks will hold disposable exam gloves, and they're commonly used in clinics, hospitals and dental offices. When compared with some of our other products, these racks are different because they dispense gloves from the top. They also feature a taller design than some of our other models.

Each of these racks can hold a single box of gloves, so they're not ideal for settings that require more total storage capacity. If you're looking for a convenient way to organize your nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves, these racks are great products to consider.

They let you keep disposable gloves in a convenient location and keep the products accessible for workers. You can use them to hold gloves of any size, and they can be loaded with gloves that are used most often in your workplace. To reduce waste, these racks are designed to dispense gloves from the top. When you need to take gloves out, you just pull the products towards the ceiling, and you won't have to worry about gloves spilling onto the floor.

Each rack is coated with PVC, so it will resist solvents, bleaches and common acids. You can even grab gloves with a single hand.
  • Made from steel wire and coated with PVC material
  • Dispenses gloves from the top to prevent waste
  • Can hold a single box
  • Great for any environment
4.25" High x 11.5" Wide x 5.5" Deep
SKU ~ RE4008
Top Dispensing
Exam Glove Rack
Holds 1 Box


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