Top Dispensing Exam Glove Rack, Holds 3 Boxes

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Top Dispensing
Exam Glove Rack
Holds 3 Boxes
On this page, you'll find some of our popular glove racks. They're great for holding exam gloves and dispense gloves from the top. Since these racks can hold a total of three boxes, there is enough room to store three different types of products.

The additional glove storage is great for larger workplaces, and it's especially useful for situations that require the dispensing of several types of exam gloves. Once you've installed these glove racks, you can use them to organize latex, nitrile and vinyl exam gloves.

They provide easy access to the gloves, so workers will always have the exact products that they need for the job. These racks will hold gloves of all sizes and can be loaded with the products that are used most often within your workplace. To prevent waste, these racks are designed to keep box openings pointing up and towards the ceiling.

This design is convenient because it prevents gloves from falling onto the floor, which will cost you money. To remove product, workers must pull towards the ceiling. Made from steel wire, these racks offer great durability, and for enhanced resistance against acids and solvents, they're coated with PVC.
  • Coated with PVC for chemical resistance
  • Prevents gloves from falling onto the floor
  • Provides a convenient, accessible storage location
  • Can hold three boxes for better variety and storage capacity
16.5" High x 14" Wide x 7" Deep
SKU ~ RE4010
Top Dispensing
Exam Glove Rack
Holds 3 Boxes


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