The Snake Wader Hanger

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"The Snake"
Wader Hanger
"The Snake" wader hanger is one of our popular products, and it's lets you hang your waders in a safe location. You can use it to store your waders in a convenient location. The snake wader hanger can be hung on a tree branch or rod, and you can even use it inside of a closet. These are some of our top safety boot racks, and they're available in a new flexible chain version. Since they're sized to fit most types of boots, you shouldn't have a problem handing any type of boots with them. The snake wader hanger is very similar to a standard hanger, but it has been specifically shaped to hang up a pair of waders.

If you need a way to hang your waders in any location, you need to consider purchasing this product. The hanger is made of durable material, so you don't have to worry about it getting too bent out of shape or breaking.

Since this is the new flexible chain version of the hanger, it offers greater flexibility than the alternative products. The snake wader hanger serves as a very affordable way to hang your waders in almost any location imaginable.
  • Hang your waders anywhere
  • Flexible change version is very flexible
  • Great for hanging waders on tree branches, rods and closets
9.25" High x 10" Wide x 6" Deep
SKU ~ RE1001
"The Snake"
Wader Hanger


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