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Plastic Poster Hanger

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Plastic Poster Hanger
We stock several different poster frames, but in some cases, a frame isn't the best way to hang a poster. For customers who don't want a frame or can't use it within their workplace, we offer plastic poster hangers. If you're looking for an extremely affordable way to hang your posters, these hangers are some of the best products that we carry.

They take the work out of hanging posters, so you can hang important posters in prominent locations. These hangers are made out of two plastic strips, and the strips are designed to slide onto the bottom and top of your poster.

By securing the poster from these locations, the hangers are able to hold the poster flat against the wall. With every purchase, you'll receive a convenient poster hanger and two strips. All of the items are inserted into a poly bag.

Although these hangers are great for hanging posters against a wall, they can even be used to hang posters from the ceiling, which is great for warehouses, meeting rooms and break rooms. For the best results, our plastic poster hangers should be used with a poster width of 18 inches.
  • Great for hanging posters in meeting rooms, break rooms and warehouses
  • Very inexpensive
  • Comes with two plastic strips and poly bag
  • Can hang posters flat against a wall or on a ceiling
  • Should be used with a poster width of 18 inches
  • Transparent Clear Color
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Plastic Poster Hanger


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