Single Palm Work Glove with Gauntlet Cuff (Sold by Dozen) Mens Size

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Single Palm Work Gloves
with Gauntlet Cuff
Mens Size
The work gloves on this page have a single palm and gauntlet cuff. The rubberized gauntlet cuff has a length of four inches, so it protects more of your wrists. These gloves have leather material on the index finger, thumb and palm. They have a striped canvas back, so you can save on costs.

For additional comfort, they feature a winged thumb. Unfortunately, these gloves are only available in men's sizing. We recommend using them for agriculture, construction and building. You might also consider using them for gardening, product handling and general work.

These gloves are very stylish and deliver enough hand protection for a wide variety of applications. The gauntlet cuff is a great feature because it provides an additional layer of protection against hazards. Although they only have a single palm, you should find these gloves to be suitable for many different work environments. They're priced affordably, so you can stock up and purchase as many pairs as you need.
Features and Notes
  • Length of gauntlet cuff is four inches
  • Leather on the fingers, thumb and palm
  • Winged thumb for extra comfort
  • Available in men's sizing
  • Great for construction, agriculture, gardening and product handling
  • Notes:
    • Available in mens size only
    • Prices shown are per dozen.
    • Available in singles and small quantities: Click Here
  • General Work Applications
  • Gardening
  • Product Handling
  • Agriculture
  • Building/ Construction
SKU ~ 858w-Mens
Single Palm Work Gloves
with Gauntlet Cuff
(Sold by the Dozen)
Mens Size


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