Pyrolon Plus II SMS Coveralls with Elastic Wrists and Ankles (25 per case) ~ Size Large

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Pyrolon Plus II Coveralls With Hood, Boots, & Elastic Wrists and Ankles
Unlike several alternative products, these coveralls are made from breathable material, so they can be worn for long periods of time and will keep you comfortable and cool.

It's important to remember that these are limited-use garments, but they have all of the essential features that you'd expect. They provide a level of protection that you won't get from many other limited-use suits.

If comfort and worker efficiency are important to you, then the Pyrolon II Plus SMS™ coveralls could be exactly what you need. They've been subjected to a number of tests, so you can trust that they're capable of withstanding the conditions present in many different work environments.

  • Designed with breathable material for optimal comfort
  • Made as limited-use garments
  • High-quality materials for better worker comfort and efficiency
  • Better than many other disposable FR garments
  • Packed 25 per case
  • Prices shown are for cases
SKU ~ 7417-LG
Pyrolon Plus II SMS
Coveralls with Elastic Wrists and Ankles
Packed 25 to a case.
Size Large
Malt Industries
Sizing Chart
Height Weight(lbs) Size
6'8" 240-300 4XL
6'6" 220-300 3XL/4XL
6'4" 180-280 2XL/3XL
6'2" 160-250 XL/2XL
6' 160-250 XL/2XL
5'10" 130-200 L/XL
5'8" 130-220 L/XL
5'6" 110-200 M/L
5'4" 110-180 S/M
5'2" 110-180 S/M
5' 110-140 S
This chart is a guide for garment selection, but proper fit varies with individual body shape and under-clothing.

Test for proper garment fit before use.

Garment performance depends on selecting appropriate size.

Pyrolon Plus II® Properties
Basic Weight PFG Method (oz/yd) … 2.4
    (gm/m) … 68
Grab Tensile ASTM D1117/D1682 MD (lbs/kg) … 31/11
  Modified Grab XD (lbs/kg) … 4.5/2.0
Trap Tear ASTM D1117/D1682 MD (lbs/kg) … 4.5/2.0
    XD (lbs/kg) … 5.6/2.5
Verticle Flammability NFPA-701 Pass
  CAN/CGSB 4.2 Pass
Afterflame FTMS 191 A >2 Sec.
  Method 5903  
Char Length FTMS 191 A MD (inches) … 3.70
  Method 5903 XD (inches) … 3.70
Ignition Point Modified Muffle Furnace 1,000 ° F
Charge Decay NFPA 99 Pass
ASTM -D-257 2x10
Air Permeability (cfm) IST 52


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