Pyramex Neoprene Flat Safety Glasses Neck Cords

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Pyramex Neoprene
Flat Neck Cord
Many work environments are quite brutal, so they can encourage the loss of protective eyewear. When workers are constantly moving around, there is a good chance that they’ll lose their safety glasses. In some cases, glasses are unintentionally stolen. These problems can cost employers a lot of money, but fortunately, there are several viable solutions.

The Pyramex™ Neoprene flat neck cords could be perfect for the job. These NE01 neck cords are some of our top products, and for great durability, they have a width of one inch. Each cord features a flat elastic design and can help prevent the loss of eyewear.

From end to end, these cords measure about 16.5 inches long. They use a loop end to attach to safety glasses, and the loop end is designed to make them compatible with virtually all types of safety glasses.

The Pyramex™ Neoprene neck cords are flat, and to remain discreet, they feature a black color. Since they’re elastic, they deliver a comfortable fit, so you should be able to wear them all day. Neoprene is a great material for neck cords because it’s soft, durable and flexible. If you need a safe way to carry your protective eyewear, these Pyramex™ neck cords can help.

Available only in a Black color.
  • Flat elastic material is durable and flexible
  • NE01 neck cords are some of our top products
  • Has a length of 16.5 inches
  • Loop end is compatible with most types of safety glasses
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Pyramex Neoprene
Flat Neck Cord


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