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Pyramex Chin Strap for Hard Hats
When working in a dangerous environment, you need to be able to trust your Pyramex hard hat. Fortunately, it’s not the durability of the hat that you must worry about. The danger occurs when your hard hat falls off of your head. It’s very important to make sure your hard hat is secured because it can’t dissipate impact energy as well when it doesn’t fit correctly.

The answer to this problem is our Pyramex hard hat chin straps. These are lightweight and can keep your hard hat glued to your head. The Pyramex hard hat is one of the best products that you can buy for impact protection, but if it’s not covering your head, it’s completely useless.

Our Pyramex hard hat chin straps have hooks on both ends, and they’re very comfortable to wear. They’ve been designed with a universal fit, so you can use them with most hard hats. For an optimal fit, these straps come with a comfortable chin cup.

By latching onto your chin, the cup makes your Pyramex hard hat fit even better. In terms of value for the money, it’s hard to beat what you get from the purchase of these straps. Investing in additional safety is always a good idea, and you never know if it will save your life.
  • Hooks on both ends provide the best fit
  • Comes with chin cup for better fit and increased comfort
  • Delivers universal fit for most hard hat types
  • Comfortable enough to wear for the longest shifts
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Pyramex Chin Strap
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