ERB Chin Strap with Chin Guard for ERB Full Brim Hard Hats

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ERB Chin Strap with Chin Guard
ERB Hard Hats

Our hard hats are designed to protect your head, but they’re not as effective without a chin strap. The ERB chin straps with chin guard for full brim hard hats are made for ERB hard hats. Hard hats give you protection against falling objects, so they’re worn in hazardous worksites around the world.

In fact, the hard hat is considered a universal form of head protection. A common problem that hard hat wearers face is discomfort. When your hard hat doesn’t fit you correctly, it can become very uncomfortable. The ERB chin straps are made to keep your ERB hard hat on your head.

Since they help the hat to fit better, they increase comfort and let you wear your hard hat for several hours at a time. A hard hat that isn’t fastened to your head with a chin strap is much more likely to fall off. While a simple fall can send your ERB hard hat flying, strong winds can also blow it away.

Our ERB chin straps keep the hat on your head. They’re created with an adjustable elastic strap and have a comfortable chin cup. For additional comfort, the chin cup has small air holes. Before making a purchase, you should understand that these chin straps are made for ERB hard hats.  The chin straps may fit other types of hard hats that have a small hole inside the shell or the suspension to accommodate the clip; however, we cannot say for sure which other hats the straps may fit. 

Features Include:
  • Provides a comfortable fit throughout the day
  • Made for use with ERB hard hats
  • Elastic strap is adjustable and durable
  • Comfortable chin cup
  • Small air holes in chin cup increase comfort and ventilation
SKU ~ 19181   ERB
Chin Straps with Chin Guard
For ERB Hard Hats


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