Pyramex Avante Safety Glasses Silver Frame w/ Indoor Outdoor Lens

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This variant of the popular Pyramex Avante™ safety glasses features a Silver Frame and Indoor Outdoor Lenses. If you’re looking for some of the sportiest safety glasses that we carry, these are top products. For optimal comfort, they’re lightweight, and the styling contours your face while delivering maximum protection.

They have built-in rubber nose pads, so you can experience superior comfort while wearing them. The rubber pads are also great for preventing slippage, so you can wear the Avante™ glasses in active work zones and never worry about them falling off of your face.

A vented frame dramatically increases airflow through the gap between the glasses and your eyes, so you never have to worry about fogging of the lenses. Impact protection is important in any work environment, and since the Avante™ glasses meet Z87.1 ANSI safety standards, they’re cleared to protect your eyes from impact.

They’ll protect your eyes against flying objects and can even prevent debris from striking your eyes. The lenses shield your eyes from damaging ultraviolet radiation and have been coated for superior scratch resistance. Since the temples are flexible, they provide a much better fit, so you can wear the Pyramex Avante™ glasses and enjoy all-day comfort.
  • Unmatched protection against UV rays
  • Lightweight and sporty style
  • Vented frame discourages fogging by increasing airflow
  • Rubber nose pads prevent slippage and increase grip
  • Straight back temples provide amazing fit
  • Anti-Scratch lenses offer 99% protection against harmful UV rays
  • Exceeds ANSI Z 87.1-2003 High Impact requirements
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Pyramex Avante
Silver Frame ~ Indoor Outdoor Lens


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