Pyramex Auto Dark Welding Helmet-Adjust IR9-13 Sensitivity Adjustment

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Pyramex Auto Dark Welding Helmet
Adjust IR9-13 Sensitivity Adjustment
We carry many high-quality welding helmets. All of our helmets are priced affordably, and some cost more than others. The Pyramex auto dark welding helmet is one of the more expensive helmets that we carry, but it’s also one of the best. It offers a long list of features for the price. Since it’s an auto darkening helmet, it reacts to the bright light from the welding process.

It uses two AAA batteries and one sensor. The shell is lightweight and made from thermoplastic material. The Pyramex auto dark welding helmets have a suspension that is fully adjustable, so you can get the best possible fit. They can adjust through several different shades.

Shade 3 is the lightest, and there are IR shades from 9 to 13. A high-speed lens operates at 1/25000 seconds, so you get the precision that you need to stay safe and perform your welds correctly. One of the greatest benefits of this helmet is that it reduces welder’s fatigue.

The shake down helmet prevents carbon monoxide from accumulating. Once you’ve worn this helmet, you’ll find that it’s almost perfectly balanced. There is additional room for respirators, so if the need arises, you’ll be ready for any job. These helmets deliver the full head, neck and face protection that you need to stay safe.
  • Plenty of room for respirators
  • Protects the head, neck and face
  • Eliminates the issue of welder’s fatigue
  • Precision lens operates at 1/25000 seconds
  • Nylon suspension is fully adjustable
  • Shell is lightweight and made of thermoplastic
  • Has auto darkening feature
SKU ~ WHA200   Pyramex
Auto Dark Welding Helmet

This auto-darkening welding helmet features a high speed, auto darkening lens with sensitivity adjustment. Adjusts from IR shade #9 to #13. Total head, neck, and face protection with ample room for respirators.

  • Auto Darkening Helmet
  • Battery (2/AAA) and solar powered with 1 sensor
  • Lightweight thermoplastic shell
  • Fully adjustable nylon suspension.
  • Adjust from IR shade #9 - #13
  • Light state is shade #3
  • High speed lens - 1/25000 seconds
  • Eliminates welders fatigue.
  • "Shake Down" helmet minimizes  carbon monoxide build up
  • Optionally balanced
  • Ample space for respirators.
  • Total head, face, and neck protection.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards



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