Pyramex Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Pyramex Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Adjustable IR9-13 Sensitivity Adjustment

Check out our new Pyramex auto darkening welding helmet.  This is our best value auto adjusting welding helmet. Since it’s an auto darkening helmet, it reacts to the bright light from the welding process.  This hood adjusts from grinding, and then from a shade 9 to a shade 13 with an easy control knob on the left side of the helmet.  The welding lens measures 4 inches wide by 2 inches high.  Each auto darkening lens offers adjustability for sensitivity and delay to fine tune the shading of the hat.

The shell is a lightweight and made from a high impact resistant nylon material with an ergonomic design.  In addition, the Pyramex auto dark welding helmets have suspensions that are fully adjustable, so you can get the best possible fit. The suspension adjusts to fit the contour of the head; as well as, to adjust the tension to flip up and down the hood.

The high-speed lens operates at 1/30000 seconds, so you get the precision that you need to stay safe and perform your welds correctly. It is powered by solar cells and a replaceable lithium battery.  The Auto darkening helmet comes 4 independent arc sensors that are set up in a staggered design to delivery reliable arc detection.

One of the greatest benefits of this helmet is that it reduces welder’s fatigue.  These helmets deliver the full head, neck and face protection that you need to stay safe.

  • Protects the head, neck and face
  • Eliminates the issue of welder’s fatigue
  • Precision lens operates at 1/30000 seconds
  • Nylon suspension is fully adjustable
  • Strong and lightweight shell
  • Meets ANSI P Z87+
  • CSA Z94. 3-07
  • Has auto darkening from shade 9 to 13
SKU ~ WHAM1020MB   Pyramex
Auto Darkening Welding Helmet



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