Natural Jersey Reversible Gloves 12 oz (Sold by Dozen) All Sizes

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Natural Jersey
Reversible Gloves
12 Ounce Material
If you need reversible gloves, consider our natural jersey reversible gloves. They're made with 12 ounces of material and can be purchased by the dozen. You'll find that these gloves are very similar to our brown jersey gloves, but they're designed with a lighter color.

With a lighter color, these gloves offer a natural look, so they're preferred for certain work environments. You can use these gloves for general maintenance, construction and material handling. You might also want to consider using them for refrigerated areas and general industrial work. With 12 ounces of material, these gloves offer decent protection.

You can purchase them in sizes for men and women. They're designed with a specific blend of materials, so they'll protect your hands from abrasions and make it easier to carry objects. They work great for gardening because they repel dirt and protect your hands from many of the common injuries associated with gardening.

Since they provide decent protection, these gloves are also great for construction. They can protect your hands against wood splinters and abrasive surfaces. These are just a few of the common applications that the reversible jersey gloves are suitable for.
Features and Notes
  • Reversible
  • Features a lighter color
  • Made with 12 ounces of material and sold by the dozen
  • Natural style

  • Offered in both a 5.5 ounce material and a 12 ounce blend.
  • Available in Men's and Women' sizes.
  • Prices shown are per dozen.
  • Material Handling
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • General Industrial Work
  • Refrigerated Areas
  • General Maintenance
Natural Jersey
Reversible Gloves
12 Ounce Material
(Sold by Dozen)


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