Brown Jersey Reversible Gloves (Sold by Dozen) Size Medium

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Brown Jersey
Reversible Gloves
Womens Size
The brown jersey gloves on this page are reversible and sold by the dozen. Since they're sold in different sizes, they're great for men or women. Each glove is designed to be economical and durable. Depending on the application, you can reverse the gloves and use both sides.

You'll find these products to be useful for construction, general maintenance and material handling, but they're just as useful for refrigerated areas, agricultural and general industrial work. The brown color makes these gloves discreet and stylish.

They're made of durable, soft and comfortable fabric, so they feel good on your hands. When working in any environment, it's important to have gloves that fit well and deliver plenty of comfort. The jersey reversible gloves deliver great comfort and stretch to fit the shape of each hand.

Since they're made with strong fabric, they'll withstand major abuse and can be used for several heavy-duty applications. Although the material is strong and protective, it's also lightweight, so you can wear these gloves for several hours at a time. They're great for men or women, and we sell them for a very affordable price.
Features and Notes
  • Can be reversed
  • Designed for affordability and longevity
  • Ideal for men or women
  • Commonly used for material handling, general maintenance and construction

  • Available in Men's and Women's sizes.
  • Prices shown are per dozen
  • General Industrial Work
  • Refrigerated Areas
  • General Maintenance
  • Material Handling
  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Gardening/Outdoor uses
Brown Jersey
Reversible Gloves
(Sold by Dozen)
Womens Size


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