MSA V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hats with One-Touch Suspensions All Colors

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MSA Full Brim V-Gard® Hard Hats with One-Touch Suspensions


With its well-crafted design and superior durability, the full brim V-Gard hard hat delivers the highest level of safety. It’s made from material that resists side impacts, rain and damaging ultraviolet rays, so you can perform your work and stop worrying about dangerous hazards. With the well-known, stylish V design, these hard hats provide a unique style, which you won’t get from other hats.

Full brim V-Gard hard hats are made from durable materials, so there is almost no limit to the number of times that they can be used. All V-Gard helmets are designed to meet the highest comfort, safety and style standards. The full brim V-Gard helmets are especially useful for farming, roadwork and construction workers, but they work exceptionally well for any environment that requires additional protection against the elements.

Some of our other V-Gard hard hats have different suspensions. There are several benefits to choosing a full brim V-Gard hard hat with a one-touch suspension. This type of suspension works by squeezing and sliding the suspension, which allows you to get the best possible fit. The greatest benefit of the one-touch suspension on this hard hat is that it can be operated with one hand, so it’s very convenient and easy to use.

The one-touch suspension also operates as faster as the Fas-Trac suspension, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much. The suspension is important because it allows the full brim V-Gard hard hat to fit to almost any head. According to MSA, you should consider replace the suspension after 18 months because it’s subjected to abuse from UV radiation, chemical exposure and many adverse conditions. If you’re looking for one of the best hard hats on the market, the full brim V-Gard is an excellent choice.

There are several features that make this hard hat a top choice. With a wraparound brim, you get protection from falling objects, snow, rain and sun. It also meets several strict ANSI classifications. The polyethylene shell provides amazing protection against impacts. The one-touch suspension guarantees a comfortable fit. Since it’s made in the USA, you can trust the quality of this durable hard hat. You can choose from several different colors and find the style that’s right for you.

  • High-quality hard hat made in the United States
  • Can fit head sizes 6.5 to 8
  • Choose from several top colors
  • Polyethylene shells delivers superior impact resistance in industrial settings
  • One-touch suspension for comfortable fit
  • Wraparound design protects against falling objects, snow, rain and sun
  • Complies with ANSI Z89.1, 2014, Type 1 Class E & G Standards.
  • MSA V-Gard with One-Touch Complies with Canada Z94.1-2005
  • A polyethylene shell and suspension system gives the user the needed safety and fit to tackle most jobs in industrial settings.
  • Available in many different colors
  • Made in the USA
SKU ~ gb-10058231   MSA V-Guard
Full Brim Hats
with One-Touch Suspensions
(Standard Size)
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