MSA V-Gard Cap Style Hard Hats with Swing Suspensions (Black)

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MSA V-Gard® Cap Style Hard Hats
MSA Swing Reversible Hard Hats Black Color


The MSA V-Gard™ cap style swing hard hats have a rotating ratchet suspension that can be easily worn frontwards or backwards without having to remove and re-attach the suspension.  The convenient swing suspension can swing from front to back as needed.  This hat also comes with expansions slots that will hold a wide assortment of earmuffs, faceshields, and other attachments.  The one drawback is this hat will only fit up to a size 7 5/8 head size.


When it comes to total sales, the V-Gard brand are the selling hard hats in North America. In fact, these particular hard hats are commonly chosen for most industrial applications.

With a shell made of high-density, injection-molded polyethylene, you can trust that these hats deliver the impact resistance that you need to stay safe. 

Although most work environments require hats to be worn normally, some environments aren’t nearly as strict, so hats can be worn backwards. Improved comfort is a major reason why a hat might be worn backwards. The MSA V-Gard™ cap style hard hats offer great protection against top impacts, but they also offer some level of protection against side impacts.

They have rigid shells with great dielectric strength, so they’re popular choices for electricians. These reversible hard hats are especially useful for industrial welding and construction applications. After the suspension has been properly installed, these hard hats can be adjusted and worn forwards or backwards. If you decide to reverse the hat, you don’t have to worry about reinstalling the suspension, which is a major benefit of the swing suspension.

With standard accessory slots, these hard hats work well with a wide range of accessories, so you’ll have no trouble using the accessories that you need to get the job done. Since they comply with E, G and C ANSI safety standards, these hats offer protection in most work environments.

  • Comfortable fit with self-adjusting crown straps and rotating ratchet mechanism 
  • Polyethylene plastic delivers superior protection against impacts
  • These products are made in the United States
  • Accessory slots for access to vital accessories
  • Choose from top colors
  • All-day comfort when wearing is provided by the balanced rigid shell with high dielectric strength.
  • The accessory slot secures the attachment of a wide range of add-on features.
  • Complies with ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014, Type 1 Class C, E & G Standards
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits Head sizes 6.5 to size 7 5/8
MSA Hard Hats with Swing Suspension or Fas-Trac Suspensions can be worn backwards and still meet ANSI regulations
SKU ~ 1000400-BK  

MSA V-Guard Cap
with SWING Suspension
(Standard Size)

Black Color

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