Moldex Rocket Earplugs Corded (50 per box)

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Moldex Rockets Earplugs
(50 per box)
The Moldex® Rockets™ earplugs on this page are similar to our other Rockets, but the difference is that these plugs aren't metal detectable. They're available in packs of 50, and since they're corded, workers don't have to worry about losing them.

The corded design also makes them much less likely to get stolen because workers are less likely to misplace them. These plugs offer a decent NRR of 27 and can be used for several different environments. They offer great hearing protection for noisy environments, and they've been independently tested for ANSI S3.19-1974 standards.

The Moldex® Rockets™ earplugs are very easy to grab because they have a built-in grip handle. By using the handle, workers can quickly slide the plugs into their ears. The Rockets feature bright coloring, so they make compliance checks much easier, and the bright coloring also keeps them visible, so workers are less likely to misplace them.

Unlike some of our other earplugs, these products can be washed and used repeatedly. They even come with a Pocket-Pak™ carrying case, so workers can keep them clean while they're not being used. The carrying case has been designed with a smooth shape and slides easily into a pocket.
  • Grip handle allows for easier insertion
  • NRR of 27 is great for many industrial environments
  • Tip of every plug has air bubble for extra comfort
  • Can be washed and used repeatedly
  • Comes with smooth, convenient carrying case
  • Contains sound dampening additive
  • Not made with PVC material
  • Bright green color for Moldex® products

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Moldex Rockets Earplugs
(50 per box)
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