Moldex Camoflauge Corded Earplugs (100 Count)

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Moldex Camoflauge
Corded Earplugs
(100 Count)
The Moldex® Camoflauge corded earplugs are available in packs of 100 pairs. With a tapered design, these earplugs can fit into ear canals of any size, and since they slide right in, the process is hassle free. They also feature a longer design, so when compared with other plugs, they're much easier to grasp.

In many workplaces, these earplugs cause workers to complain less. They offer superior comfort and can be worn all day. If you're someone who likes to go shooting often, consider getting these plugs. To deliver the maximum amount of comfort, these earplugs are formulated for softness.

They have a smooth outer surface and won't cause irritation within the ear canal. They offer a noise reduction rating of 33, so they're suitable for noisy work environments or shooting. The highest rating for independent testing is 33, which is the rating that you'll get from these plugs.

These Camo Plugs have been tested independently and meet ANSI S3.19-1974 safety specifications. They're ideal for workers who need strong hearing protection against loud industrial noise. They don't contain PVC, and each plug is made of low-pressure foam. You can even use these plugs for the smallest ear canals because they're shaped for the perfect fit.
  • Doesn't cause irritation within the ear canal
  • No PVC used for construction
  • Designed with low-pressure foam
  • Tapered shape makes removal and insertion easy
  • Exclusive colored streaks signify Moldex® quality
  • Highest NRR possible with independent testing

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Moldex Camoflauge
Corded Earplugs
(100 Count)
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