MOLDEX 4200 AirWave N95 Respirators (10 ct)

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MOLDEX 4200 N95 Airwave Series Respirators

The Moldex® 4200™ N95 respirators are new and much easier to breath out of. These masks breath like a valve respirator but come with a lower cost.  They are sold in boxes of 10 units and come with a soft foam nose cushion and are contoured for better comfort.  


The 4200 face masks feature a classic design and have a strong Dura-Mesh™ shell. There are several reasons why the Dura-Mesh shell has been added to the design. A major benefit of the shell is its strength. The shell can resist a significant amount of pressure and doesn't lose its shape very easily. 

The 4200™ Moldex® respirators have a soft inner layer of material and an outer screen. The outer screen keeps these masks strong and helps them stay clean. Since the nose piece is molded into the mask, it doesn't require metal clips, which can cause irritation. The end result is a strong N95 mask that is very comfortable to wear.

Each respirator comes with two elastic straps, which are designed to keep it securely attached to your face. The straps aren't made with PVC and meet important ANSI regulations for heat and flame resistance. The Moldex® 4200™ masks are particularly popular for factory and welding applications.

  • NIOSH approved
  • Facepiece is contoured with no pressure points
  • Not made with PVC
  • Features a simple, effective design
  • Molded nose piece is soft and supportive
  • Provides N95 protection
  • Made in USA
  • Ideal for manufacturing, DIY, construction and welders
  • Outer shell is durable and long lasting

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N95 Respirators
(10 count)
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