Moldex 2300 n95 Respirators (10 ct)

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Moldex 2300
N95 Respirators
The Moldex® 2300™ N95 respirators are sold in boxes of 10 units. In terms of popularity, these are some of the best Moldex respirators that we carry. If you've been looking for high-quality industrial face masks, these products are worth considering.

Each mask has a front exhalation valve, so it can be used for welding applications. The Moldex® 2300™ respirators are commonly used by welders because they meet ANSI safety requirements for flame resistance. The exhalation valve is an especially useful feature because it helps the wearer breathe better. It also removes hot air from the mask.

Hot air escapes faster than cool air, so these respirators are able to bring more cool air into your lungs. Our Moldex 2300 Dura-Mesh shells have a comfortable feel, and they're engineered for strength and durability. With such a strong design, a large amount of force is required to make these masks collapse.

Since they don't collapse, the 2300 face masks are able to deliver more cool air into the lungs of the wearer. Each mask features a two-layer design, so it's able to absorb dirt particles and stay clean. These N95 respirators can be worn longer than other masks and need to be disposed of less frequently.
  • Features innovative exhaust valve for better breathing
  • Great for welding and industrial applications
  • Offers a comfortable, secure fit
  • Meets ANSI flame and heat-resistance specifications
  • Nose piece is molded into each mask and doesn't use metal clips

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Moldex 2300
N95 Respirators
(10 count)
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