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Microshield® Face Shield with Poly Bag

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Microshield® Face Shield
with Poly Bag
The Microshield® face shield comes with a poly bag. It's designed to keep the rescuer safe while CPR is being performed. It also encourages proper CPR technique. The Microshield® face shield is a leading product, so it's used as the standard for judging many similar products.

With a positive one-way valve, this face shield protects first responders from bacteria. The airway enhancing bite block helps rescuers perform CPR much more effectively, so the end result for the patient tends to be better.

When a first responder is performing the head-tilt, chin-lift maneuver, it's important for the airway to remain open. The Microshield® face shield keeps the airway open, so it makes this maneuver much more effective. If you're looking for a basic Microshield® face shield, then this is a great product to consider. Unlike some of our other face shields, it doesn't come with several other parts, and you don't get disposable gloves with it.

However, it's a great product for emergency situations because it lets you safely perform CPR. You'll never know when an emergency situation will occur, so it's a good idea to be prepared. The Microshield® face shield keeps you prepared, so you can perform CPR quickly and effectively.
  • Encourages proper CPR technique
  • Protects the rescuer and patient
  • Features a positive one-way valve and airway enhancement
  • Keeps airways open during the head-tilt, chin-lift maneuver
  • Usually ships in 1-3 days from Washington (State)
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Microshield® Face Shield
with Poly Bag


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