MCR Dominator 42 mm, PVC/Nylon Acid Jackets ~ Size 2X

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 MCR-388J ~ MCR Acid Jacket
MCR Acid Jacket
The MCR Dominator® 42MM PVC/Nylon acid jacket is made out of durable scrim material, which is coated with two layers of PVC. As a result, the combined thickness of the material is 0.42 MM. Since these jackets have low flammability, they’re great for a variety of applications.

They’re designed to give the wearer plenty of room, and with quick-release suspenders, they’re very easy to remove. The PVC coating lets these products protect you from a wide range of acids and chemicals. For the easiest identification, the jackets feature a bright green color.

They’ll protect individuals who handle plant turnarounds, environmental cleanups, refinery work and chemical plants. The PVC material that the MCR Dominator® jackets are made from offers excellent tensile strength, and it has a thickness of 0.42 MM. The blend of polyester and PVC material is also flame resistant, so these products can be used around sparks.

For a better fit and greater durability, the seams are welded. The jackets feature a black nylon zipper double storm flap, and they even have a detachable drawstring. However, there are no pockets in the front. The tapered raglan sleeves have a length of eight inches, but there are no underarm air vents.
  • Made from double-coated scrim material
  • Two layers of PVC applied to the scrim
  • Plenty of space improves comfort
  • Suspenders feature quick-release design
  • PVC coating protects against many acids and chemicals
  • Low flammability
  • Limited Flammability
  • Roomy construction
  • Quick release suspenders
  • PVC coated suits offer great protection against many chemicals and acids
  • Green color for easy identification

Industry Applications:
  • Great for chemical plants, refineries, environmental cleanups and plant turnarounds
MCR-388J ~ MCR Acid Jacket

MCR-388J ~ MCR Acid Jacket
  • 0.42mm PVC/high tensile strength
  • Polyester/PVC, flame resistant
  • Welded seams
  • Available in green
  • Black nylon zipper double storm flap
  • Front
    • Detachable drawstring hood (black cord)
    • No pockets
  • Sleeves
    • Tapered raglan sleeves 8" long with inner sleeve
    • No underarm air vents
    • Flame resistant to ASTM D6413 standard
SKU ~ 388J-2X
MCR Dominator
42 mm
PVC/Nylon Acid Jacket
Size 2X


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