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Safety Glasses Lens Cleaning Pouch

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Safety Optical Service

Lens Cleaning Pouch

If you own any type of protective eyewear, you need a safe way to carry it. The mistake that many people make is carrying their eyewear in a loose pocket. A number of people also carry their eyewear in a container with other objects. Initially, this might seem like the right thing to do.

However, it doesn’t take long for the eyewear to become scratched, which can render is nearly useless. The lens cleaning pouch on this page serves as an excellent way to carry your glasses. It’s made of material that is designed to protect your eyewear.

Several types of material are very abrasive, and over time, they can cause severe damage to delicate lenses. Our lens cleaning pouch is designed to give you a safe way to carry your eyewear. You can use the pouch at work or while handling daily activities.

It’s especially useful for eyewear because it doesn’t scratch the lens. This lens cleaning pouch is great for carrying all types of glasses, but it also works well for cleaning them. You can use the pouch to clean the lenses of your favorite glasses, and it will gently remove unwanted particles. If you want to work safely, you need clean eyewear.
  • Soft material doesn’t scratch delicate lenses
  • Can be used for carrying or cleaning
  • Protects all types of glasses
  • Stylish black color looks good in any setting
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Lens Cleaning Pouch


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