Pyramex Disposable Safety Glasses Cleaning Station

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The Pyramex™ disposable cleaning station can be set up in virtually any worksite. It contains all of the components needed to clean safety glasses. Each station contains 600 tissues and one 8-ounce spray bottle. To make cleaning safety glasses easier, the cleaning solution contained within this station is specifically formulated for the lens coatings on cleaning glasses.

The cleaning solution has been tested for a wide range of materials, so it’s safe enough to use on most types of glasses and coatings. The spray delivers anti-static and anti-fog properties, and it can be used with polycarbonate, glass and plastic lenses.

It’s important for a disposable lens cleaning station to be versatile. Fortunately, the Pyramex™ cleaning stations on this page are extremely versatile, and they can be mounted to a wall or placed in a freestanding position. They’re small enough to place almost anywhere, and they’re very economical.

If you’re tired of having to constantly refill spray bottles and wipes, these disposable stations could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. After the station has been depleted of supplies, you can throw it away and grab another one. There aren’t too many other solutions that make lens cleaning this easy and convenient.
  • Disposable and economical
  • Cleaning solution specifically formulated for lens coatings
  • Cleans glass, polycarbonate and plastic lenses
  • Eliminates the need to constantly refill wipes and cleaning solution
Pyramex Disposable
Cleaning Station


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