Hot Mill Medium Weight Double Palm, Nap Out Material (Sold by Dozen)

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Hot Mill Gloves
Medium Weight
Double Palm
Nap Out Material
The Hot Mill gloves that are available on this page are different than some of our other Hot Mill products because they have nap-out material. They also have several other features that make them great for high-heat applications.

They have knit wrists, so you don't have to worry about unwanted objects falling into the cuff of each glove. An additional benefit of the knit wrists is a better fit. The material keeps the gloves securely attached to your wrists.

If these gloves didn't have the knit wrists, hot objects could fall into the gloves and cause your hands to get burned. Each glove has a double palm, which increases durability. The double palm also improves heat resistance, so you can carry hotter objects and not have to worry about getting burned. We carry different types of Hot Mill gloves, and some of our other products have nap-in material.

These gloves are different because they have nap-out material, which offers its own set of benefits. The Hot Mill gloves are made of durable cotton, so they'll keep your hands comfortable and cool. They're ideal for applications that require workers to move hot objects.
Features and Notes
  • Knit wrists keep unwanted objects out of gloves
  • Double palm offers better durability and heat resistance
  • Made with nap-out material
  • Medium-weight design is great for a variety of purposes

  • The hot mill gloves do not come with a recommended temperature range.
    Their heat resistance depends upon the temperature of the products and the length of exposure.
  • Available in Men's sizes only.
  • Prices shown are per dozen.
Hot Mill Gloves
Medium Weight
Double Palm
Nap Out Material
(Sold by Dozen)


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