Hot Mill Medium Weight Double Palm ~ Nap In Material (Sold by Dozen)

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Hot Mill Gloves
Medium Weight Double Palm
Nap In Material
The Hot Mill medium-weight gloves have a double palm, and they have nap-in lining. For additional durability, they have a band top, and the double palm helps to make the gloves stronger. Another benefit of the double palm is increased heat resistance, so you can use these gloves to carry hot objects.

With nap-in lining, you get even more heat resistance and comfort. Since the napping is a raised, fuzzy fiber, it's able to deflect heat, and it faces the inside of each glove. In most cases, the nap-in material wears longer than the nap-out materials.

Some of our other Hot Mill gloves feature the nap-out material. If you don't need heavyweight gloves, these medium-weight products should be useful. They're commonly used for applications that require workers to handle hot objects. They offer protection against high heat, and they even provide a little bit of abrasion resistance.

The double palm significantly increases durability in the palm area, and since it consists of thicker material, it also increases heat resistance. Like our other Hot Mill gloves, these products are sold without a recommended temperature range. Exposure time plays a major role in determining the temperature that these gloves can be used
Features and Notes
  • Medium-weight design
  • Features a double palm and nap-in material
  • Sold by the dozen
  • Has a band top
  • Great for moving hot objects

  • The hot mill gloves do not come with a recommended temperature range.
    Their heat resistance depends upon the temperature of the products and the length of exposure.
  • Available in Men's sizes only.
  • Prices shown are per dozen.
Hot Mill Gloves
Medium Weight Double Palm
Nap In Material
(Sold by Dozen)


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    HOT Stuff Hand protectors

    Posted by Jones on Dec 20th 2016

    We are a heat treat company so we use these hot mills often they protect our hands from hot material and sharps very good value too