Hot Mill Gloves Heavyweight w/ Knuckle Strap (Sold by Dozen)

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Hot Mill Gloves
Heavyweight with Knuckle Strap
We carry several different types of Hot Mill gloves, and the products on this page are similar to other products, but they're the basic heavyweight versions. If you need the extra heavyweight versions, you can search for them on our site.

The Hot Mill gloves on this page are made of heavyweight material, and they're designed to protect your hands from hot objects. They make it easy to carry hot objects, and they even provide a bit of protection against abrasions. These products are sold by the dozen and come with a knuckle strap. These are the standard Hot Mill gloves, and for your protection, they're designed with multiple layers of insulation. They're ideal for applications that involve high temperatures.

Since they feature a knuckle strap and band top, they offer a better fit than some alternative products. These gloves also have a canvas back, and you'll find Nap Out material located on the index fingers and palm. The Nap Out fibers consist of raised fuzzy fibers, and they're important because they increase heat resistance.

These gloves don't come with a recommended temperature range, so you must use them frequently to determine what specific applications you can use them for. They're some of the best gloves that we have to offer for high-heat applications.
Features and Notes
  • Standard heavyweight Hot Mill gloves
  • Made with several layers of insulation
  • Ideal for applications that involve high heat
  • Features a knuckle strap and band top
  • The back is made of canvas material
  • Nap Out material has been added to the index fingers and palm

  • The hot mill gloves do not come with a recommended temperature range.
    Their heat resistance depends upon the temperature of the products and the length of exposure.
  • Available in Men's sizes only.
  • Prices shown are per dozen.
Hot Mill Gloves
Heavyweight with Knuckle Strap
(Sold by Dozen)


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