Hot Mill Gloves Heavyweight Hot Mill with Gauntlet Cuff (Sold by Dozen)

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Hot Mill Gloves
Heavyweight with Gauntlet Cuff
The Hot Mill gloves on this page are slightly different than our other Hot Mill gloves because they have a gauntlet cuff. Like our other products, they're made from heavyweight material, and they offer excellent heat resistance. They work especially well for moving hot objects, and they're particularly useful when temperatures are high.

These gloves are very similar to our 7900K products, but for additional coverage, they've been designed with a gauntlet cuff. They're made from durable cotton, so they allow plenty of air to pass around your hands. When working in hot environments and carrying hot objects, it's important to make sure that your hands stay cool and comfortable.

The heavy-duty cotton material keeps your hands cool and protected. The material is particularly effective at blocking heat, but you'll find that it even protects your hands from abrasions. Many applications require an equal amount of protection from heat and abrasions, and these gloves are perfect for the job.

Like our other Hot Mill gloves, these products don't have a recommended temperature. The amount of heat resistance that you'll get from these gloves depends on the total exposure time, and it also depends on the temperature of the objects you're carrying.
Features and Notes
  • Additional protection provided by the gauntlet cuff
  • Made of strong cotton
  • Keeps hands comfortable, cool and protected
  • Gauntlet cuffs deliver better protection against radiant heat
  • Sold by the dozen in sizes for men

  • The hot mill gloves do not come with a recommended temperature range.
    Their heat resistance depends upon the temperature of the products and the length of exposure.
  • Available in Men's sizes only.
  • Prices shown are per dozen.
Hot Mill Gloves
Heavyweight with Gauntlet Cuff
(Sold by Dozen)



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