Hardhat Mesh Covers For Full Brim Hard Hats (All Colors)

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Hardhat Mesh Covers
For Full Brim Hard Hats
Full brim hard hats are very common products. They’re worn by construction, utility and warehouse workers. The full brim hats provide slightly better protection than cap style hats, but in many cases, additional protection is needed. The Occunomix hardhat mesh covers for full brim hard hats are made for the full brim design.

These mesh covers are useful accessories because they make worker distinction effortless. If several groups of workers are wearing mesh covers, it’s much easier for every worker to quickly identify workers from each individual group. Today, permanent markers are still used on plastic hard hats, but they’re not always the best choice. The Occunomix mesh covers work extremely well as temporary markers.

As an added bonus, the mesh covers don’t degrade the plastic helmets they’re used on. In fact, the covers actually help to preserve the plastic material. A typical mesh cover can block the sun rays that are notorious for damaging plastic hard hats and reducing their durability. With reflective strips built into every cover, these products are very effective at increasing visibility, which can keep workers safer while working in low-light conditions.

If you’re wearing an Occunomix mesh cover for your full brim hard hat, you’re making it much easier for your fellow workers to know what group you’re part of. Mesh covers also make it easier for you to distinguish between your fellow workers. Our mesh covers are designed to be lightweight and visible.

They’re available in bright neon lime and orange colors. Every cover is made to fit securely to your hard hat, so it has no trouble dealing with high winds. Since the covers are sized to fit most hard hats, you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong size. These high-visibility mesh covers for full brim hard hats can even be used for regular models, and they serve several important functions.
Features Include:
  • High visibility mesh hard hat covers
  • Comes with reflective striping to add visibility to any hard hat.
  • Fits Regular and Full Brim models
  • Comes in High Viz Orange or Hi Viz Lime
SKU ~ V896-FB   Occunomix
Hardhat Mesh Covers
for Full Brim Hard Hats


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